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Organic Tri Color Quinoa 500grams

RM 24.90

About This Product 

Organic , Non - GMO, Premium Quality 


Country of Origin : South America 




Suggested Serving 


🌾 Add beans , seeds and vegetables to your cooked quinoa for a chilled quinoa salad 


🌾 Add quinoa to your favourite soup recipes 


🌾 Blend quinoa into your homemade smoothies and shakes 


🌾 Sprinkle cooked quinoa onto salads 


🌾 Add fresh fruit and nuts to cooked quinoa for an original quinoa breakfast porridge 



Should you get Gourmet Herbs and Spices Organic Quinoa Tri- Color ? 


🍃🍂 Definitely ! Being raw , non-GMO , non- irradiated , produces without pesticides and reliable source. Gourmet Herbs and Spices Tri- Color Quinoa are high in quality and reasonably priced.