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Paprika Powder 100g

RM 9.00

When it comes to spices, paprika is pretty universal. The versatility of this striking, crimson-red colored powder makes it something of a miracle spice.

It can be used to season a dish, to decorate and beautify a plate, and of course, to add color to a meal—or to even dye eggs and cloth. There really is so much to love about this sumptuous spice!


Amazing Ways to Use Paprika 

  • It's truly amazing how that dash of red can make a dish, like hummus, look so much fancier and prettier.
  • Paprika goes well with just about any savory food, including eggs, meat, stew,fish, shelfish, soup, chicken, boiled and steamed vegetables, and rice.
  • You can also use paprika anytime you want to give your food a red tint. For example when you make tandoori chicken, paprika makes a good substitutefor that Indian ingredient that traditionally gives the chicken its reddish hue.
  • Paprika is great in pasta, over deviled eggs, in soups and stews, as a coloring and smoky flavor for all sorts of meat dishes.
  • The rich coloring of paprika not only enhances the visual appeal of foods, but it can also be used as a major flavoring as in goulash or Chicken paprikash.

    Weight : 100g bag

    Ingredient : Paprika



Paprika should be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dark place, preferably the refrigerator. Rather than paprika in a glass bottle, choose the one in the tin which will protect the contents from damaging light.